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Specialised Treatment for Unresolved Pain

At TMJ Therapy Centre we effectively combine dental and neuro-musculoskeletal expertise, to bring you an integrated, whole body approach to unresolved pain, TMJ and sleep disorders. Working closely together, we aim to identify the true causes of your pain or health issues. Understanding these true causes enables us to recommend the optimal treatment for you and maximize your return to optimal function and health.

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Dr. (Dentist) Wally Hassoun
Dr. (Chiro) Jonathan Lubetzky

Advanced Diagnosis for TMJ & Sleep Disorders

TMJ and sleep disorders can be complex with more than one contributing factor. By combining a range of specialised tools and techniques we are able to assess a broader range of factors that may not have been considered yet. We also take the time to listen to you so that we can gain a solid understanding of your overall health.

Learn How TMJ Affects Your Life Find Out How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

We Find Where the Pain Begins

At TMJ Therapy Centre we examine the whole body to ensure we are treating the true cause of your problem rather than just the symptoms. A customised treatment plan is specifically tailored for you to ensure an optimal outcome and ultimately better health.

We won't treat you unless we know we can help. As part of our total health approach, we may recommend additional services to assist your condition.

Performance Advantage for Elite Athletes

Are you an elite athlete looking to get the edge through optimal body performance?

The TMJ (jaw joint) could make the difference you've been striving for. Elite sports people around the world are unlocking their athletic advantage by optimising TMJ function.

A Balanced & Correctly Functioning TMJ & Postural System
Better Balance, Strength, Power, Flexibility, Endurance & Less Injury
Performance Advantage
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We can show you how you can achieve a performance advantage in your chosen sport.

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Sleep Better

Common Sleep Problems Associated With TMJ – Infographic

Sleep disorders can interfere with your work, participation in social activities and can put your health at risk. Did you know that many patients who suffer from …

By: TMJ Therapy Centre

Symptoms of TMD – Infographic

Waking up tired? Experiencing jaw locking or clicking? It could be due to TMD which can have a domino effect on the nervous system and impact your health – …

By: TMJ Therapy Centre
Sleep Better

Children and Sleep – Infographic

Is your child’s mouth open during sleep? Do they snore? Are they restless sleepers? These are indicators of a sleep problem that can impact long-term health …

By: TMJ Therapy Centre

Night-time Teeth Grinding

We take a team approach to find the cause of your pain. Quality of sleep, posture and joint inflammation can contribute to the root causes of night-time teeth clenching …

By: TMJ Therapy Centre

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